Education should aim for building Character


It has been observed from a very long time that education can help in nurturing the peaceful co-existence by aiming for building character of the students so that there is acceptance of diversity.  While it is broadly understood that education is a medium of injecting the information into the mind of any student, this is certainly not the case. There are a lot of different aspects of education that are still unknown and are hidden from the masses. Education is not only for makes people capable to make a livelihood but also tends to develop the quality of life.

Identifying the purpose

Education not only broadens the horizon for any student but also helps in developing scientific temper, bringing up rationality of mind, instilling capacity and building faith which is also the need of the hour for a well-balanced, quality life. Good values should be inculcated in the mind of young girls and boys through education so that they can practice such values in life and become good citizens. Schools should also instill in their education system to make understand the students the commitment to our core civilizational values which should include the love for motherland and a sense of belonging and that should be interweaved in the character of the students who are passing out of any good school.

How it should be done

Firstly, it is major role of schools to make parents understand that a school is not a breeding ground for competition. It certainly not aim only for creating a single virtue in any student of toping the field they are in and rushing their lives trying to achieve everything. Once the parents have understood the true value of education and its aim for building character it will be easier for school to carry on with the process.